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Strengthen Plant Stress Resistance

Throughout a plant’s life, a multitude of factors can cause stress that negatively affects growth, yield and crop quality. Harmful biotics, temperature, moisture levels, even the natural stages of reproduction can all impact high-value plant production.

Potassium and Silica have been proven to build the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, enhancing your plant’s ability to devote just the right energy to protecting itself, while still growing – and producing – to its genetic potential. Silica is a powerful tool to ensure maximum return on your investment.

Strengthen Cellular Walls

Across a broad spectrum of revenue-producing crops, Silica has been shown to strengthen cell walls, which not only means higher nutrient retention, but also helps the plant “stand up straighter,” growing literally up, stronger. Silica has also been shown to increase protein levels … the necessary element to enhanced cell production and growth.

Enhance Stress Resistance

Potassium has long been identified as a nutrient that strengthens a plant’s resistance to stress. Combined with Silica, this positive impact is complemented as the plant’s structural integrity is protected. Silica, derived from Potassium Silicate, is a superior package to ensure strong and vibrant plants as part of your fertility program.


Superior Nutrition Will Yield Maximum Results

Silica is an Essential Part of a Complete Fertilizer Program 

Studies during the past several years have been drawing a direct connection between silica and plant growth. One recent published report indicated that “seedlings amended with Potassium Silicate increased the activity of chitinase…”

Chitinases are enzymes that perform unique functions of degrading chitin and contributing to the generation of carbon and nitrogen in the growing environment. Chitin and chitinolytic enzymes are being recognized in agriculture as an effective method of controlling pathogens, which is critical to maintaining plant strength and productivity.

The development of Silica incorporates Food Grade Standards, ensuring an approach to plant nutrition and a final product that is free of manufactured toxins. With natural ingredients, along with high efficiency nutrients, you are assured of effective and sustainable plant nutrition.

An experienced staff of Agronomists, chemists and soil scientists make our team unique, with years of real world experience in plant and soil science. Our expertise provides you with a competitive edge to succeed in such a complex and challenging marketplace.

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