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Hydroponic Nutrients

SOGS hydroponic nutrient solutions have been created to ensure you enhance crop yield, quality and the best possible return on your investment of time and money. Our products achieve this through low-input nutrient delivery that is highly efficient and that boosts the plant’s natural abilities to grow and produce a harvest at its genetic potential.

SOGS plant fertility products are manufactured by agronomy professionals with extensive experience in microbiology, crop management, biochemistry and nutrient production. These hydroponic products are manufactured in the U.S. under strict guidelines to provide low inputs following best agronomic practices.

Our solutions deliver high impact and fast results with ultra-low inputs to help growers increase crop cycling.

GROW A+B (Hydro)

The growth stages from establishment to blooming are a period requiring high amounts of energy for – and from – the plant. The nutrients required to sustain and maximize growth must be in a “plant-available” form, and balanced to meet ...

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BLOOM A+B (Hydro)

Bloom and flower development is a period of high stress for all agricultural crops. Through agronomic science, growers have found that moderating Nitrogen inputs, while increasing both Phosphorus and ...

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At flower setting, plants are at a stage of their greatest need of proteins for development and nutrients that counter-balance the stresses of reproduction. Nutrients that enhance Nitrogen conversion and Amino Acids that enhance ..

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At the peak stage of flowering, your plant needs increased inputs of Phosphorus to support swelling of the flowers. Most of Inadequately protected Phosphorus is wasted, forming solids in the soil (becomes “tied-up”) and becoming ...

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Throughout a plant’s life, a multitude of factors can cause stress that negatively affects growth, yield and crop quality. Harmful biotics, temperature, moisture levels, even the natural stages of reproduction can all impact plants ...

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In both hydroponic and in soil growing, there is considerable debate about how to perform a “flushing” prior to harvesting flowers and even whether a flushing is necessary. As with any cash crop, a strong finish is just as ...

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