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Bloom Driver

Bloom Driver

Enhanced Growth and Swelling

At the peak stage of flowering, your plant needs increased inputs of Phosphorus to support swelling of the flowers.

Most of Inadequately protected Phosphorus is wasted, forming solids in the soil (becomes “tied-up”) and becoming unavailable to plants as it reacts with Calcium, Aluminum, Iron and other ions in the soil. This leads to nutrient deficiency, causing a lack of fruit or flowers and decreased quality.

Bloom-Driver protects the Phosphorus, giving your plants essential fertilizer to increase your yield-per plant, and most of all, value!

Plant-Available Nutrients

Bloom-Driver by SEA OF GREEN SYSTEMS is the most plant-available, lowest input Phosphorus source in the industry because of the Carbon-Complex Protection of the nutrient, keeping the Phosphate in plant available form and ready for immediate uptake and utilization. Most of traditional Phosphorus inputs are lost to tie-up in the soil and hydroponic solution.

Drive Larger Flower Development

As your plants reach the advanced stages of flowering, a fertilizer providing high levels of protected Phosphorus have been shown to increase flower size and value. While growers may turn to a traditional “starter” fertilizer, Bloom-Driver is a superior choice for late-growth P inputs.

Superior Nutrition Will Yield Maximum Results


The reproductive stage of every plant is a time of high stress and all plants need Potassium for stress resistance.

Flowering plants are somewhat unique however in their need for Phosphorus to promote larger (and more valuable) flowers.

By chelating Phosphorus with Carbon, Bloom-Driver not only supplies the essential P inputs for flower development, but also supplies the plant with key protein-building material for sustained cell growth.

The development of Bloom-Driver incorporates Food Grade Standards, ensuring an approach to plant nutrition and a nal product that is free of manufactured toxins. With natural ingredients, along with high efficiency nutrients, you are assured of effective and sustainable plant nutrition.

An experienced staff of Agronomists, chemists and soil scientists make our team unique, with years of real world experience in plant and soil science. Our expertise provides you with a competitive edge to succeed in such a complex and challenging marketplace.

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