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Maximize Your Bud Yield & Quality

At setting, legal cannabis plants are at a stage of their greatest need of proteins for development and nutrients that counter-balance the stresses of reproduction. Nutrients that enhance Nitrogen conversion and Amino Acids that enhance protein development are especially important.

The Potassium component of ECOS MAX® is critical for plants for water movement, energy production and the activation of enzymes that promote overall plant strength and productivity.

The combination of complexed and chelated nutrients in ECOS MAX® provides the optimum foliar solution for strong and high-yielding plants.

Enhanced bud yield and quality

Applied after plants have begun “setting,” the unique combination of essential nutrients, sugars and Amino Acids in ECOS MAX® provides plants with the nutrition necessary for more consistent maturation and increased productivity.

True Plant-Available Nutrients

Insufficient levels of Amino Acids in alternative fertilizers means that much of the nutrients remain unprotected from tie-up in the hydroponic solution. ECOS MAX® contains 40% Amino Acids; enough to fully complex and chelate nutrients, to ensure nutrient protection and enhance plant uptake.

Superior Nutrition Will Yield Maximum Results

An experienced staff of Agronomists, chemists and soil scientists, with years of real world experience, are behind the plant nutrition of Sea Of Green Systems. This expertise provides you with a competitive edge to succeed in the complex and challenging cannabis marketplace.

ECOS MAX®  provides carbohydrate energy along with the complete mineral nutrition that cannabis plants need during the reproductive stages that produce buds.

As a foliar application, ECOS MAX®  is an ideal complement to your hydroponic nutrition system, ensuring the plant has the basic building blocks to sustain development and resist the natural stresses during later states of growth.

ECOS MAX®also provides Amino Acids, the building blocks of proteins, in sufficient supply to sequence, which are then converted by the plant into stems, leaves and flowers.

Complexed and chelated nutrients, using a complete spectrum of short, medium and long-chain carbon material, enhances plant availability and uptake, giving you more bang for your buck.

By incorporating Food Grade Standards in the production process, you are assured of a final product that is high efficiency and part of an effective and sustainable plant nutrition program.

EcosMAX® Biofungicide (Foliar Spray) $ 636.50
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