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Energy Nutrition For Optimum Growth

The growth stages from establishment to blooming are a period requiring high amounts of energy for – and from – the plant. The nutrients required to sustain and maximize growth must be in a “plant-available” form, and balanced to meet the variety of agronomic requirements.

EcosGROW® provides high amounts of Nitrogen and Potassium, and medium levels of Phosphorus necessary for early and growth stages of development. Micro-nutrients, in proven agronomic levels, are added to enhance chlorophyll synthesis, enzyme activation and Calcium uptake, while also increasing the plant’s resistance to stress.

Enhanced nutrient efficiency

EcosGROW® features an Active Carbon Complex Technology that chelates the nutrients for more effective and efficient plant uptake. This means lower inputs for greater impact, as nutrients remain in the highest plant availability. The carbon chelation also provides plants with the building blocks for growth, enhancing cell development and overall plant strength.

Stronger, more resilient plant growth

Proper Potassium nutrition is critical for effective water movement within the plant, energy production and the activation of enzymes that promote overall plant strength. Combined with Phosphorus and sufficient Nitrogen for a growing cannabis plant, EcosGROW® is a superior choice for more consistent maturation with increased root strength and protein product, increasing plant productivity.


Superior Nutrition Will Yield Maximum Results

An experienced staff of Agronomists, chemists and soil scientists, with years of real world experience, are behind the plant nutrition of Sea Of Green Systems. This expertise provides you with a competitive edge to succeed in the complex and challenging cannabis marketplace. EcosGROW® is based on the agronomic science of building plant physiology. Carbon, as the basis of all life forms, is used as a complexing agent in a form that provides your plants with the building blocks of enhanced growth and strength.

Nutrient uptake by the plant is critical to maximizing effectiveness. The nutrients within EcosGROW® are complexed and chelated with humic, fulvic and amino acids, enhancing nutrient efficiency, allowing for lower inputs to make a significant, positive impact.

The development of EcosGROW® incorporates Food Grade Standards, ensuring an approach to plant nutrition and a final product that is free of manufactured toxins. With natural ingredients, along with high efficiency nutrients, you are assured of an effective and sustainable program.

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