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The Nutrition For Maximum Bud Yield

Bloom and bud development is a period of high stress for all agricultural crops, and legal cannabis is no different. Through agronomic science, growers have found that moderating Nitrogen inputs, while increasing both Phosphorus and Potassium inputs provide the best results for maintaining plant strength and stress resistance. EcosBLOOM® accomplishes this, while also providing the proper mix of micro-nutrients – and importantly – the sugars cannabis plants need to focus their energy on reproduction. The result is more efficient plant metabolism, increasing your return on investment.

Enhanced bud yield and quality

Once the plant has entered the blooming stage, energy once spent on growth must be converted to reproduction. Nutrition levels at this stage will determine bud quantity and quality. Bloom provides the macro and micro-nutrients to support plant strength and energy, along with sugar manitols that enhance plant metabolism (the conversion of Nitrogen into proteins), increasing productivity. Maintaining optimum microbial activity Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are then converted by the plant into stems, leaves and buds. Only EcosBLOOM® contains sufficient Amino Acids to fully complex and chelate nutrients – resisting soil tie-up – but also to provide superior conditions for increased microbial activity. All of this leads to higher plant uptake of readily available nutrition for plants to reach their potential.

Superior Nutrition Will Yield Maximum Results

An experienced staff of Agronomists, chemists and soil scientists, with years of real world experience, are behind the plant nutrition of Sea Of Green Systems. This expertise provides you with a competitive edge to succeed in the complex and challenging legal cannabis marketplace. EcosBLOOM® provides essential NPK, along with sugars and essential micro-nutrients support plant strength during the reproductive phase. Bloom enhances bud quality and quantity with nutrients proven to support plant strength through this energy-intensive growth stage. The nutrients within EcosBLOOM® are protected by complexing and chelating with humic, fulvic and amino acids, enhancing nutrient efficiency, allowing for lower inputs to make a significant, positive impact. By incorporating Food Grade Standards in the production process, you are assured of a final product that is high efficiency and part of an effective and sustainable plant nutrition program.


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